Sophie the Tabby


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cute tabby kitten with big eyes sophie

cute playful tabby kitten

Early this year Hanna added a new addition to her family. Her name is Sophie, a big eyed tabby girl who won over Hanna's heart when they first met. Hanna and her family already had a cat and thought that they would not have another one, but when they met Sophie, everything changed.

"I introduced her to my mum and dad and they love her," said Hanna. The little kitten won over their hearts with her personality and irresistible cuteness. They gave her her first bath and she settled right in.

Photos courtesy of Hanna Pritchett.

cute tabby kitten first bath

cute tabby kitten sitting

cute playful tabby kitten catch

cute tabby kitten blue eyes

cute tabby kitten tongue

cute tabby kitten big eyes
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