Story of a Loving Mama Cat and Her Only Son

Story of a Loving Mama Cat and Her Only Son


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A sweet rescue mama cat gives every ounce of her love to her only son. This story will melt your heart.

A cat mother and her kittens were found in a school parking lot. "One of the kids in the building I lived in told me about them," said Amelia. There were two kittens but when Amelia found them, Oscar the ginger was the only one that made it. She brought them home to foster. "The mom (Delilah) was the best mom and she was so good with him. She was a doll also and let me do whatever I needed to take care of them."

With only Oscar, Delilah put all the love and attention on her little baby. She is an amazing mother who is tolerant to Oscar's every antic. She never lets him out of her sight as he gets bigger and more curious about the surroundings. She teaches him how to use a scratcher and a litter box and all the skills she can pass onto him. By the end of the day, she always cuddles up with her ginger boy, sharing a bed together.

Photos courtesy of ©Amelia (Kitty Mafia Rescue Blog). Amelia wanted to place them in a home together and luckily they were able to find a family that are happy to take both in. "They were very lucky and went to an amazing home. I still get occasional updates and pictures of them!" Amelia added. More cuddling moment of Deliliah and her ginger boy:

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