Story of Three Rescued Kittens

Story of Three Rescued Kittens


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Chihirinho, Mr. Stripes, and Damon look like three happy, frisky little kittens, but what most people did not know is that they had a sad story before they were rescued by a kind lady from Brazil.

They were abandoned along with 15 other kittens and thrown in a garbage bag wrapped in another garbage bag and packed in a sealed cardboard box. It was stifling and the kittens were desperately struggling for life.

But they were not meant to leave this world so early. An animal rescuer from Porto Alegre, Brazil heard the kittens crying from inside the box and found them while they were still alive. All the kittens were saved, treated and taken to foster care.

Giane Portal a feline photographer who is also a rescuer herself learned about the news and went right away to help her friend find homes for these lovely babies. It's been more than a year since they were rescued. The kitties have grown up in their forever homes. It's amazing how far they have come since the first day of rescue. A big thank you to all the rescuers out there who make a difference for these lovely animals.

Photos by Giane Portal (fofurasfelinas). For new photo updates by fofurasfelinas, you can check out her facebook fan page.

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