Story of Zumi the Little Rescue

Story of Zumi the Little Rescue


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Zumi was one of the 5 feral kittens that were rescued and found forever homes. When Zumi came to her new home, she was about 6 weeks old. She was introduced to her soon-to-be forever friend Milo a ginger cat and in just 5 minutes they bonded. [See Milo & Zumi 2 Best Friends]

Milo took a great interest in little Zumi and treated her like a daughter. "I went to bed one night and usually Milo sleeps with me on the bed, so he followed me into the bedroom and jumped into bed next to me. Not long after, little Zumi came running into the room and looked up at us and meowed. He wasn't big enough to jump on the bed yet. So next thing I knew Milo jumped down to her and they started playing around a little bit, and then he picked her up by her neck scruff (like a mama cat would) and jumped up onto the bed with her in his mouth. Then he put her down right between us and all 3 of us went to sleep together. I have never seen anything so cute in my life," said Zumi's mom.

Zumi  is quite a character and always manages to find new spots to hang out. "For some odd reason she loves climbing in a basket where we place the remote control. Even if she spots a toy she wants to pounce, she'll crawl in there to survey the situation before she goes for it. It was okay until we turned on the Laker game and she kept changing the channel."

Zumi is also very good at finding new hiding spots. Sometimes the hiding areas are quite unexpected. "One time Zumi came up with a new hiding spot. Milo and I were looking for her for an hour." She was hanging out with a pile of toys where she really blended in.

Zumi has grown up into a beautiful girl, but she's still got her kitten side in her especially when she plays with Milo. But her life has forever changed ever since the day she found her forever home.

More photos of Zumi and Milo.

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