Stray Cat Turns into Biggest Snuggle Bug and Follows His Person Everywhere - 'He's My Prince Charming'

Stray Cat Turns into Biggest Snuggle Bug and Follows His Person Everywhere - 'He's My Prince Charming'


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A stray cat turned into the biggest snuggle bug and followed his person everywhere. "He's my Prince Charming!"

stray cat sweet eyesLarry the catExploits Valley SPCA

Larry the cat was found as a stray wandering outside and rough around the edges. "His physical condition said he'd been on his own for a while. Ears, nose and paw pads were so frostbitten," Exploits Valley SPCA shared.

Larry was about 1-2 years old at the time. He was extremely friendly to everyone he came across, as if he was trying to make up for lost time. He was pleased to have a warm bed to nestle in and people to keep him company.

He started doling out snuggles to anyone who would hang out with him. While he was happy as could be, they noticed something different about him.

stray cat shelter sweetHe was found as a stray, rough around the edgesExploits Valley SPCA

"There was something not right with his walk. His breathing was strange at times, but he also seemed so happy and generally okay. A vet visit revealed that they couldn't find his heartbeat."

They discovered that Larry had a ruptured diaphragm which caused some of his organs to shift into the wrong places.

stray cat larryExploits Valley SPCA

"There is no way to know how this happened or when. He was seemingly recovered and didn't appear to be in pain, but there was no way to know how long he would live."

Despite the uncertainty, Larry didn't let anything stop him from enjoying time with his people. He had a big personality and brought joy to so many with his adorable quirks.

stray cat larryExploits Valley SPCA

He was over the moon whenever he was with volunteers, kneading away constantly. "He even kneads the floor and purrs while standing still."

Larry was at his best when he was with people, but the shelter environment was stressful for him. "He needed someone who would give him a chance. Thankfully, he found her."

cat snuggle homeAlly

Around that time, Ally stumbled upon a post about Larry and was head over heels for the sweet boy.

"The moment I saw him pop up on the page with his sweet little mouse face and sad eyes, I knew he was mine," Ally shared with Love Meow.

happy sleepy cat homeLarry found his forever homeAlly

After calling and writing multiple times inquiring about Larry, it turned out to be the perfect match. Larry immediately gravitated towards Ally, and it was clearly love at first sight.

Soon after Larry arrived at his new home, he started following his mom everywhere around the house.

cute cat larry scarfAlly

He turned into a giant snuggle bug and the sweetest companion. With a place of his own and a human who loves him to bits, Larry truly shone.

Larry loves to tag along with his mom on outdoor adventures, and relishes traveling with her by car, plane and even boat. "He's the best travel buddy. He's my Prince Charming!"

traveling cat larryAlly

"Larry is the sweetest man. He makes sure he greets everyone that comes in the house," Ally told Love Meow.

"He is a very laid-back kitty. He loves his baby brother, Gus, and he makes sure to cuddle and kiss him all the time."

cats best friends snugglesLarry and GusAlly

When Larry arrived at the shelter, his future was uncertain. "He was desperately looking for a home with the hopes of surviving weeks or months."

Now three years later and counting, Larry is thriving, celebrating and living his best life.

birthday cat cuteIt's been three years and two months since Larry found his forever homeAlly

Every day, he continues to out-snuggle anyone in the house.

"Larry certainly proved to everyone that a chance is sometimes all any animal needs."

happy cat larryHe is living the best lifeAlly

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