Stray Cat Clings to Woman Who Gave Her Food, and Won't Let Go...


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A friendly stray cat walked up to a young woman in the backyard of a house. The woman gave her a can of food, and the sweet calico cuddled next to her and claimed her as her forever human.

Meet Pam!


A month ago, a young woman named Kate came across a friendly neighborhood cat at her grandma's back porch.

It was her first time meeting the stray, but the calico had been seen around the neighborhood for weeks, and no one had claimed her.

She gave her some food and the hungry kitty wolfed it down as if she hadn't eaten for days. After a hearty meal, she curled up next to her human friend and nuzzled into her arms as if to say "Thank you!"


They spent a lot of time cuddling with each other outside Kate's grandma's house, and the sweet kitty quickly grew attached to her new friend.

It was clear that she had chosen the young woman and refused to take no for an answer.


"I took her in to the vet and kept her," Kate said.

"I knew immediately she was my buddy. Now she never leaves my side."


Pam went to eating from a paper plate to a cute pink metal bowl that Kate bought her.

Since day one, she's been cuddling with Kate. The sweet calico follows her human everywhere she goes.


This is her favorite place to sleep. Pam curls up in Kate's arms, purring away.

"I used to think of cats as cold and unaffectionate, until I met pam," Kate said. "She loves cuddles. She's always burying her head in my arm."


"My cat is so pure and wholesome, I feel like I don't deserve her. She was a stray cat, and she is a teddy bear.

"All she ever does is snuggle and nap, and she's so intelligent. I taught her not to step on my laptop, now she steps over it."


She buried her face in her human's arms and fell asleep.


Kate had to spend time in the hospital, and Pam cuddled her bruised arm from the injections and helped her heal with purrs.

"She has been such a lovely comfort in my life since I spent time in the hospital. Before she jumps up on my bed, she asks for permission by patting my arm or head, or hand. And I tell her yes by patting the bed."


Ever since the day Pam found her human, she's been by her side every step of the way like her little guardian angel.

The affectionate calico has shown her human mom something that she never expected from a cat--abundance of love, comfort and gratitude.


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