Stray Cat with Eyebrow Like Markings Walks Up to Woman for Cuddles

Stray Cat with Eyebrow Like Markings Walks Up to Woman for Cuddles


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A stray cat with a pair of eyebrow like markings walked up to a young woman when she was at her work. The friendly little furry friend wanted some cuddles.

Courtesy: Katryn Fraher

"This guy showed up at my work covered in fleas. He's super friendly!" Katryn Fraher told Love Meow.

The kitty wandered up to her for attention and demanded some cuddles.

After spending some time petting the cat, Katryn got him some food and flea medicine and contacted a local rescue group to help give the little buddy the medical care he needed.

He has a pair of eyebrow like markings on his forehead. The feline friend looks as if he's been living on the streets for quite some time.

Courtesy: Katryn Fraher

He was very friendly and walked right up to his new friend for some much-needed love.

Courtesy: Katryn Fraher

He enjoyed a few chin scratches.

Courtesy: Katryn Fraher

Katryn gave him some love and he stood up for more.

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Katryn took the kitty to a rescue group (Street Cat Hub) in Albuquerque, NM for help. They are treating him and getting him back to health. When he's ready, he will be going to his loving home and away from the streets forever.

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