Stray Kitten Finds His Human


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"This stray kitten came up to my boyfriend yesterday meowing for help. Here they are at the vet's office. I'm pretty sure they're in love," kitty's human said via reddit.

"A family of stray cats live under his neighbor's house. We try to feed them, but they're impossible to catch to give medical help. We haven't seen any of them in a while, and the neighbor hasn't been home either, so we think something happened to the mom and sibling."

The couple decided to rescue the kitten and bring him to safety. As soon as they got to the vet's office, they knew they couldn't let him go.

They are keeping the little kitten and have named him Smokey. (reddit)

A tiny stray came up to a man for help. Here they are at the vet's office. "I'm pretty sure they're in love."

Photo via imgur.

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