Stray Kitten Rescued Off Streets, Feels Love for the First Time, The Difference in A Week...


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This tiny kitten was found as a stray along with her four siblings. After two rounds of baths and a lot of TLC, her life began to change!

Meet Princess Leia!

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Princess Leia and her siblings were found wandering the streets in California and were later transferred to PAWS, a rescue group in Lynnwood, Washington for a second chance at life.

"There was no mom with them. They were severely malnourished and covered in fleas," Ashley, foster mom, told Love Meow.

When Ashely picked them up to foster, she realized just how scrawny and scruffy they were. "Princess Leia had hair loss under her chin and the hair on her paws was cracked and pealing."

She gave each baby a Dawn bath and picked off the leftover fleas. After drying their hair, she placed them in their new cozy bed in their comfortable foster room. For the very first time, they felt safe and loved.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

The runt of the litter didn't make it but the rest survived and began to thrive.

In just a week, the kittens bounced back with bright eyes and new found energy. Little Leia became her foster mom's most loyal friend, following her around the house.

Kastle Huffaker @kastlehphotography

"The look I get every time I'm going out. 'Just stay home, mom!'"

Kastle Huffaker @kastlehphotography

Leia loves cuddling with her foster mom and doesn't want to let go.

"She loves to cuddle and sleeps all night on my chest," Ashley told Love Meow.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

The little princess grew by leaps and bounds.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

"Her personality is very playful. I wind up calling her Sassy because she has some major attitude. If you pick her up and try to cuddle her when she knows there is food, she will growl at you," Ashley told Love Meow.

Adorable little face!

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Princess Leia and her littermates, Chewy, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker.

"The Star Wars kittens are growing so fast."

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

The itty bitty ball of fluff has blossomed into a playful, gorgeous kitty with quite the cattitude.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

"Princess Leia loves our nap time together. She curls around my neck the whole time I sleep. When I wake up she starts stretching her arms out while she's upside down."

All tucked in for a nap.

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Throughout this journey, Princess Leia always had a little buddy by her side--Chewy the ginger brother.

"They're a bonded pair. They sleep together and clean each other."

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

"She is now healthy and ready to be adopted. There is an adoption pending on her and her brother Chewy. Her other two brothers, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker, were adopted together," Ashely told Love Meow.

Princess Leia and her siblings were found as strays without a mom. With a second chance, they are now the happiest kitties they can be!

Ashley @youngestoldcatlady

Chewy playing with Leia's tail while she's trying to eat.

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