Stray Tabby Cat Mama and Her One White Kitten

Stray Tabby Cat Mama and Her One White Kitten


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A stray tabby cat mama gave birth to a little white kitten. They were found in a cabin by a kind person who goes by wingswing on reddit. He has been feeding and caring for the two since the stray tabby first came to him.

"This stray cat would always find a time to see me because I would give her food and stroke her. She was gone for more than one month and then I found her and her baby in the cabin. I heard the landlord said that the kitty was born by another stray cat in the same place. The kitty is very protective. I remember last year I spent a few weeks (starting) from giving food, touching to finally catching her, though it was almost the first time I caught a cat. I will get the kitty spayed and try to find her and her kitten a home," said wingswing.

Stray tabby mama and her little white kitten

Where they were found:

Kitten exploring...

Toesies are yummy

Happy to be safe

Photos by wingswing via Reddit.

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