Street Cat Walks Right into Carrier So She and Her Kittens Can Start New Life

Street Cat Walks Right into Carrier So She and Her Kittens Can Start New Life


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A tabby cat was found in a rough situation. A kind person rushed to rescue her and saved her kittens too.

Little Wanderers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC was contacted about a stray cat roaming around a neighborhood in Bronx, New York. The cat was pregnant and in desperate need of rescue.

She was found in a very bad situation and needed to be taken to a safe place as soon as possible. When Jen, a volunteer of Little Wanderers, learned about her plight, she dropped everything at hand and ran to get the cat.

Once Jen located the pregnant stray, the friendly tabby walked right up to her as if to say that she was ready to leave street life behind.

Little Wanderers NYC

Jen put the carrier on the ground and opened a can of cat food for the hungry tabby. The sweet kitty made a beeline to the food and scarfed it down.

She was so happy for the kind gesture that she rubbed her face all over the entrance of the carrier before making her way inside.

Little Wanderers NYC

That day marked the end of stray life for the deserving feline and the beginning of something wonderful for her and her babies. "Her name is Free, and she is now indeed free -- free of fear, free of hunger, and free of bad humans," Little Wanderers NYC shared.

The rescue immediately looked for a foster volunteer for the expectant cat mom, so she could raise her kittens in the comfort of a safe home.

Little Wanderers NYC

Shortly after, Kaitlyn, a volunteer, stepped up to help. She welcomed momma Free into her loving abode, and the tabby cat quickly relaxed.

Free (aka Miss Freeda) felt so comfortable being in a home environment. She lay down on the couch, rolled on her back and fell right to sleep.

Kaitlyn at Little Wanderers NYC

"She (was) so incredibly sweet and so incredibly pregnant! She is just a kitten herself, less than a year old," Kaitlyn wrote.

"She is so affectionate and trusting, despite some really tough run-ins with humans in her time as a street cat."

Kaitlyn at Little Wanderers NYC

A couple of weeks later, Free gave birth to a large litter of kittens. Five of the seven babies survived and began to thrive.

Free did her very best to care for her demanding little newborns and was so glad to have caring humans to help her along the way.

Kaitlyn at Little Wanderers NYC

"Mama Free is adjusting and learning, but is already great at her job," Kaitlyn shared.

The sweet tabby is staying by her kittens around the clock, nursing, cleaning, and doting on them. She will never have to worry another day without food or shelter.

Kaitlyn at Little Wanderers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC is looking for more foster volunteers and First Animal Responders just like Jen. "We need more people who can go rescue a cat that is in a perilous situation and save the animal."

The five kittens have been named after symbols of luck -- Jade, Wishbone, Clover, Acorn and Ladybug.

Kaitlyn at Little Wanderers NYC

Yesterday, the kittens turned two weeks old. Their eyes are wide open and their ears are unfolding as their hearing continues to develop.

The sweet bundles of fur are growing by leaps and bounds with their devoted mom who caters to their every need.

Acorn the kittenKaitlyn at Little Wanderers NYC

"In a few weeks, she will be fixed and her babies will be weaned, and she can go on to live a happy, stress-free life in her forever home," Kaitlyn added.

Kaitlyn at Little Wanderers NYC

Share this story with your friends. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help. Follow the sweet little family and Little Wanderers NYC on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Kaitlyn's fosters on Facebook and Instagram.

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