Survey Reveals Many Cat Owners Miss the Mark on Nutrition

Survey Reveals Many Cat Owners Miss the Mark on Nutrition


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An interesting survey called the "Pet Parent Purrception Survey" commissioned by 9Lives is aimed to find out if American cat owners are feeding their cats the most nutritious meals possible. 94 percent of Americans believe that their cats are on a healthy and nutritious diet. However, the survey reveals that many of these cat owners have missed the mark when it comes to good feline nutrition.

Table scraps - they can cause quick weight gain and have very little essential nutrients necessary for your cats.

48 percent of cat owners admitted to feeding their cats table scraps on an average of seven times a month. The interesting finding is that men are more likely to feed table scraps to cats than women.

Dairy Milk - most adult cats are lactose intolerant, so drinking dairy milk can cause them to get sick.

Only 30 percent of cat owners are aware of the fact that dairy milk is unhealthy to cats.

Vegetarian Diet - it lacks the essential nutrients that cats need such as amino acids or fatty acids. Also, vegetables or fruits are high in indigestible content for cats. They are not natural foods for felines.

23 percent of cat owners believe that a purely vegetarian diet is a wholesome choice. However, according to 9Lives, it can be harmful to cats. Some vegetables and fruits even contain toxins which can induce digestive tract problems or more severe medical issues.

Feline Health - about visiting your vet.

40 percent of cat owners indicate that they take a trip to the vet every year whereas 26 percent of cat owners never bring their cats to the vet.

Switch to a better food

90 percent of cat owners would switch to a different cat food if it would improve their cats' health and add years to their lives.

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