Susan Boyle No Longer with Beloved Cat Pebbles

Susan Boyle No Longer with Beloved Cat Pebbles


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According to, Susan Boyle and her cat Pebbles are no longer together. The over-night music sensation had to leave her once constant companion due to her busy schedule and the fact that Pebbles has become distanced from her.

Susan Boyle has only got to see her beloved 11-year-old Turkish cat three times since last July. Pebbles has been living with a pensioner in a different location. When Susan came to visit her last week, she was scared by Susan's presence and took refuge underneath a wardrobe.

Pebbles' new home is located in Wanstead, East London with her new human companion, a retiree named Pamela Eaton-Browne. The 76 year old former accountant brought Pebbles to her home after her neighbor Alex Kadis, who is part of Susan Boyle's management team, asked her to help take care of the cat.

Pam is given £4 a day for Pebbles' daily expenses. She also has two other cats who share the same flat with Pebbles.


After the news about the split between Susan Boyle and Pebbles has been floating around the internet (even many major pet sites and news sites have written about it, including Paw Nation), today the Susan Boyle website responded to the news:

As fans will know, Susan has often said when asked about her cat, ‘Pebbles is very well and being looked after by a lovely lady in London’ We are, therefore delighted to confirm that, contrary to recent press reports, Pebbles has not been abandoned by Susan!  Pebbles is still very happy in her temporary lodgings and continues to be an important part of Susan’s life.

Susan made the decision for Pebbles to stay with a friend in East London because of the many international trips she takes.Her first thought was for Pebble’s well being.  She wanted Pebbles, an elderly cat, to have a warm, safe environment instead of the upheaval of going in and out of a cattery. The friend she chose - who wishes to remain anonymous - is an elderly lady with years of experience as a cat lover.

Susan makes regular trips to visit Pebbles when she is in London, it is always a wonderful reunion and whilst Susan is travelling so frequently, she is happy that Pebbles is content, loved and well looked after.


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