The Unexpected Furry Addition to the Family

The Unexpected Furry Addition to the Family


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Sometimes cats come into our lives when we least expect it. Kiwi found Tim Forbes who had a cat named Snowball and was not looking for another one. "But she took to me right away and I didn't regret it for a second," said Forbes.

Kiwi is a sweet kitty with a gentle heart and calm demeanor. When Tim saw her at his friend's, he fell in love. She came to him and they instantly connected. Right away he knew that she was coming home with him.

Kiwi is a bit quiet, doesn't meow a lot, but when it comes to food, she is not shy about voicing her opinions or demanding it to her human parents. "Lately she's kind of getting tubby, so we're metering her food more," Forbes added.

Not only did Kiwi find a good home where everyone loves and spoils her, but also a furry friend she can play and nap with. Isn't it amazing sometimes how cats come into our lives even when we aren't planning.

Photos courtesy of Tim Forbes (flickr: forbesphotographer, Tim's website)

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