They Ripped the Wall Open to Get a Tiny Fur Baby Out


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They heard meowing coming from the wall, ripped it open and found this...

Courtesy of Samantha @Ladylazaruss

"A friend of mine just pulled this little babe out of his wall in his house , and now she's happy and bottle feeding," Samantha of Ladylazaruss said.

They heard meowing coming from the wall and it wouldn't stop. After locating the kitten, they decided to get her out - they cut out a hole in the wall and found the little feline buddy.

The kitty got out unscathed! They named her Nala.

Courtesy of Samantha @Ladylazaruss

Samantha who has experience raising kittens, took the calico baby home as a kitten her age needs around the clock care.

"It's third night she's been here. I took her straight to our vet and they checked her for parasites, weight etc," Samantha told Love Meow.

She feeds Nala KRM formula in a bottle every 3 hours and sets alarms so she won't miss any bottle sessions at night.

Courtesy of Samantha @Ladylazaruss

"After feeding her I burp her just in case she sucked in some air bubbles and then I clean off her face and help her go to the bathroom. In Nala's case, I play mommy for her... I clean her up and put her on her little bed with a fleece blanket, heating pad and pillow. I set the heating pad on low so she stays warm."

Nala taking over her human's bed!

Courtesy of Samantha @Ladylazaruss

"Today was the first day I noticed she started to clean herself, her balance is a little off but she's learning! Her little baby teeth began coming through as well and when she gets playful she's been biting my fingers," Samantha told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Samantha @Ladylazaruss

"So far she has been doing great for her crazy life she's had so far. I'm really glad I was able to get her rather than someone who doesn't know what to do with kittens this little."

Courtesy of Samantha @Ladylazaruss

Nala loving her new home and her forever human!

Courtesy of Samantha @Ladylazaruss

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