This Hoodie Will Let You Cradle Your Cuddly Kitty Like a Mother Kangaroo!

This Hoodie Will Let You Cradle Your Cuddly Kitty Like a Mother Kangaroo!


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Do you have a cat who likes to be cradled in your lap for hours? You know sometimes you just want to free your hand(s) to work on a computer or change the channel for your TV, but that might ruin a perfect cuddle or disturb your cat's nap in your lap.

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The brilliant folks from Unihabitiat, a company in Japan, came up with a great idea for animal lovers and their beloved companions to stay inseparable no matter what they do. The Mewgaroo hoodie was born! It's a hoodie that has a pouch that resembles that of a kangaroo mom’s.

You can keep your cat or small dogs in the pouch and carry them around the house no matter you are watching TV, working on your computer or doing chores. When your kitty wants a cuddle, you can provide it any time with a big pocket like that.

The cute features on the hoodie make it even more adorable. It has a pair of pointy ears on the hood and a set of paw pads on the sleeves.

This small pup loves it too!

You can swaddle your kitty in the oversized pouch, keeping them warm and safe like a mother kangaroo would.

I know how much my cats like to snuggle in my shirt and curl up in my lap. This would be perfect for them, but does every cat like the idea?


Ok, maybe this ginger cat is a bit confused. After all, not every cat is a lap cat, but if you have a lap cat who loves cuddles, this hoodie may just draw your beloved cat closer to your heart.

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