Tidy Cats Campaign to End Stereotype of the "Crazy Cat Lady"

Tidy Cats Campaign to End Stereotype of the "Crazy Cat Lady"


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According to a survey recently conducted by Tidy Cats, 71 percent of domestic cats residing in the US live with one or multiple cats in a household. A person that owns multiple feline critters are usually misrepresented as a crazy cat

person. The name "crazy cat lady" is a stereotypical name of someone, typically female, who owns multiple cats. They are often associated to being socially awkward, lonely, smelly and disorganized.

Tidy Cats is running a campaign to fight against this stereotype that has been perpetuating for too long. They are encouraging people with more than one cat to share their stories in a crusade to end the cattiness.

Tell us in 175 words or less about your fulfilled life with your cats and how you are redefining what it means to be a “cat lady.” Be sure to include details about how your life is enriched by your cats and include 2 photos with your submission. - Tidy Cats

There is also a prize involved in this campaign. You can go to Tidy Cats website to find more information:




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