Tilly a Playful Tabby Kitty

Tilly a Playful Tabby Kitty


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Tilly is a lovely tabby cat who loves to have fun and spend time with her family. Julia D, Tilly's mom said "Tilly became part of our family as a tiny kitten, so small that she would fit in the palm of my hand. She’s grown up now, but is still petite, at around half the size and weight of our older cat, Vince."

"She loves to play, and spends hours chasing anything that moves – her favourite “toy” being my feet. She also enjoys teasing Vince, chasing after him and leaping on his back when he is trying to rest, then scampering off before he has time to catch her!"

"After a tiring day, Tilly loves nothing more than to curl up alongside Vince on her favourite chair. The two of them love to be close, and even wash and groom each other before settling down for a snooze."

Photos and story courtesy of ©Julia D. You can check out more photos by Julia at her flickr.

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