Tiny Buddy Found under a Rhubarb Leaf Needs a Name and a Home!

Tiny Buddy Found under a Rhubarb Leaf Needs a Name and a Home!


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This little buddy found in a garden under a rhubarb leaf now needs a name and is going to need a home, too!

"This little guy was brought to us by a caring gal who found him hiding out under a rhubarb leaf in her garden" Glenna M of Pawsitive Outreach Spay Neuter Alliance told Cuteoverload.

The little fur baby was abandoned by his mother. "And with our local temperatures in the triple digits recently, (Newport, WA.) he would not have lasted long on his own. He was emaciated and very dehydrated, but we got him to one of our wonderful fosters who got some subcutaneous fluids into him right away." (Their Facebook page)

They believe he's about 4 or 5 weeks old. "just very tiny, only about 9 oz. when she brought him to us."

"He's now thriving, eating well and has excellent litter manners."

"His foster mom says he's a 'perfect kitten,' he never complains and is always happy and playful."

"He seems to be very grateful to be safe and have all the food, water and love he needs. He has yet to receive an official name, I’ve just referring him to as 'rhubarb kitten.'"

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