Tiny Kitten Strays Into Shop, Found Under Stack Of Tires

Tiny Kitten Strays Into Shop, Found Under Stack Of Tires


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A tiny kitten strayed into an auto shop and ended up under a pile of tires.

"(We) heard faint meows all morning in my shop. Found this little girl at the bottom of a stack of tires," said gt35r via reddit.

"She looked like a tiny little alien at some points with her eyes. I'm just glad we finally found here, last thing I wanted was to close up knowing there was a kitten in there."

"We spent about an hour looking for mom but she was nowhere to be found. I also made sure no other little ones were in any of the stacked tires. Our receptionist (holding her in photo) kept her in her lap with ac and water the rest of the day. It was nice to know someone who loved animals was taking her in, she was scared to death at first but calmed down after she cooled off."

They named her Pirelli.

They took the kitten to the vet today. "All healthy and she has to hang out with us here (at the shop) today so she isn't alone at home," he added.

They found a tiny kitten trapped under a stack of tires in their shop

The receptionist took in the kitten. The little girl is loving all the attention and her new home.

Photos via reddit.

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