Tiny Kitten with a Big Heart

Tiny Kitten with a Big Heart


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Little Mandy has got the purrfect smudge on her nose :). She may be the runt of her litter, but her big and loving heart makes up for her size.

Four little kittens were found outside. One of them was especially smaller than the rest. "The 3 bigger ones who are scared to death and aren't thrilled with being indoors yet. The fourth one is supposed to be the runt, poor thing is so wee I wouldn't think it was related but apparently it is. The smallest one is the bravest of course and the friendliest," said Christine Gittings, foster parent for the Toronto Cat Rescue.

Thanks ©Christine Gittings for fostering Mandy and her siblings. A family has already fallen in love with Mandy and can't wait to take her home, but her siblings are still waiting for their forever homes. They are located in Toronto, Canada. Here are more photos of our itty bitty runt, Mandy:

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