Tinycat Only a Third the Size of a Normal Cat But He Never Quits Growing


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Meet Tinycat! This little buddy was so small that he was only 1/3 the size of a normal kitten.

At 12 days, Tinycat is 1/3 of a normal kitten his age

Tinycat had trouble holding onto while suckling, so they started feeding him kitten formula around the clock. (More info on imgur)

Yaga Dillion

Tinycat cuddling with Bigcat. They are at the same age, but what a difference in size!

Yago Dillon

"We send him on supervised exploration trips," said Yaga Dillon.

Tinycat was down with the flu. After a very, very hard night, the flu was very nearly gone.

Yago Dillon

"He finally recovered, but was down to 150 grams of weight. Before the illness, he had weighed 220 grams. ...a big part of the difference was a MASSIVE poop," Yaga said.

Yaga Dillon

"A week later, he actually started growing and got playful! Tinycat can't really vocalize, and BC likes to play rough - and he IS 3 times as big as TC."

Yaga Dillon

"Tinycat started to behave like a cat! Butt-wiggling, pouncing, stretching, arching his back." [Scroll down for video]

Yaga Dillon

Those big eyes!

Yaga Dillon

Tinycat wraps it around the straw to maximize the efficiency of sucking.

"All cat-sized toys are just too big for him. So we gave him a hair thingie while we think of something better."

Yaga Dillon

The two best buddies growing up together!

Yaga Dillon

Two months later! Still very tiny, but he's a bundle of energy!

Yaga Dillon

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