Tireless Fosterer Saves Day Old Orphan Kitten

Tireless Fosterer Saves Day Old Orphan Kitten


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This is what love can do. It saves lives! This tiny day old kitten was rescued and given a second chance at life.

This tiny baby kitten, eyes still closed, was found by herself in need of a lot of love and help. "At most shelters, an orphaned newborn would be instantly euthanized. Washington Humane Society is amazing and instead contacts fosters," Hannah Shaw, fosterer, wrote via Instagram.

The day Hannah picked up the little baby. "It absolutely crushes me for a baby so young to be completely alone."

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The around the clock feeding began! "3am feeding! The first two weeks of life you need to feed orphaned kittens every 2-3 hours, around the clock (then you can move to every 3-4 hours.)"

She gave the little kitten a toy to keep the baby company and a blanket to keep her warm and comfy. "Newborns should be kept in a small, ventilated, warm, safe space like this top-opening cardboard carrier for at least the first week."

Kitty is learning to eat with a syringe. She's doing a great job!

Three ounce wonder!

A quarter for scale. What a tiny baby!

"I sure am sleepy, getting up every 2-3 hours to feed. But she is so worth it, and is growing bigger and healthier by the second. Seeing her progress makes it worth getting up for the alarm all night, even though sleeping sure does sound nice." Now the kitten can eat from a bottle!

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