Tommy the Little Mischief Maker

Tommy the Little Mischief Maker


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Tommy an adorable black kitty maybe smaller than others his age, but he is a little mischief maker and can be a handful sometimes. "Tommy is unusually small. At 12 weeks he was the weight of a 7 week. He's perfectly healthy though and might just be a small cat," said Chris Woodhouse.

"Tommy goes through phases of being affectionate and then play-fighting, biting, etc, as cats do I think," said Chris. When he discovers the wall paper on the ceiling, he climbs the walls to try to reach it and tear it apart. Chris' family has a house rabbit that Tommy loves to follow around all the time like a little magnet.

"He regularly makes a strange chirping (not purring) sound like a pigeon when he jumps. He will hunt your fingers every time you tap them on something. He sometimes tries sucking on my girlfriend's fluffy dressing gown and gently presses it with his paws. I assume he thinks it is his mother."

Tommy is definitely running the house and having a great time at his loving home.

Photos courtesy of ©Chris Woodhouse (flickr: Chris. W).

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