Top 10 Amazing Cat Stories from 2011

Top 10 Amazing Cat Stories from 2011


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It's been a great year in 2011. We covered many amazing cat stories from around the world. Here are some of my favorites. Happy Mew Year to all furry and hooman friends!

1. Navy Sailor Bonded with 3 Stowaway Kittens

Several US navy sailors discovered 3 stowaway kittens on their ship when they were deployed overseas. They bottle fed the little ones and the kittens gave them the companionship and love they missed from home. Check out this touching story.

2. Foster Kitten Adopts Tiny Little Chihuahua

A tiny foster kitten met a rescue baby chihuahua one day and he took him into his arms. The two found each other and became best forever furiends. [click to see more pictures of this lovely pair].

3. Jack the Blind Kitty Adopts Tiny Cow Kitty

Jack the kitty who was born without eyes, adopted a little rescue kitten and became a father to her. This story will melt your heart. [check out more pictures here].

4. White the Beautiful Deaf Kitty

White the kitty is hard of hearing. She was born with blue and hazel eyes and an adorable purrsonality that everyone adores. White was adopted by Lu who uses her hands as the prime means of communication. By using body language, White knows... [click to see full story and more pictures]

5. Tabby Cat Adopts 30 Chicks

A cat adopts 30 little chicks, grooming and caring for them like her own. [click to see more photos of this incredible story]

6. Stray Cats Find Home in Bookstore in Hong Kong

A small bookstore in Hong Kong becomes a permanent home to many stray and homeless cats. [click to see more pictures of kitties at this wonderful place]

7. Ginger Kitty Adores His Cat Mama

This tiny bitty kitten is the only ginger in his litter of five. He and his cat mama absolutely adore each other and are always seen cuddling and snuggling together. These pictures will melt your heart!

8. Little Furry Snow White

Little white rescue baby has eyes that hypnotize. These photos will give you cavities. [check out more pictures of this cutie pie]

9. This is Love

The cat mama cradles her little baby in her arms when they sleep and watches over her little one every step of the way as the kitten grows bigger and stronger. [click to see more pictures]

10. Cats Look After Kitten Found in Wall

A tiny kitty was rescued from the wall and taken in by several house cats who take turns to look after her. She is being raised by a lovely little community. [click to see more pictures]

Bonus stories:

Friendship from Birth - Kitty and Baby

Maus the kitty met his best human buddy when he was born. Maus watched him grow and even taught him how to crawl. [click to see more pictures]

Tiny Black Kitten Found Canine Brother

A teeny tiny kitten was found by a dog who became her protective canine brother. They have never parted since that day. [click to see full story and pictures]

True Friends Always Have Each Other

This kitty and puppy always have each other no matter what. [click to see more pictures]

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