Tortie Cat Strays Into Soldier's Heart

Tortie Cat Strays Into Soldier's Heart


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A tortie cat strayed into a soldier's heart when he was deployed in Afghanistan. After treating her for a cut, he knew that he couldn't part with her.

Bryant Smith wrote: "Crackers started coming around our building in Jan 2012. Poor thing was skin and bones, so I started feeding her when I saw her. She would run up and meow at me every time she saw me. I didn't want to get attached to her, because I had no idea about being able to get her home...but I couldn't resist her. One night, after being gone for a week, she suddenly appeared at my door (which was a first) and was meowing outside of it, so I snuck her inside. She looked horrible, starving and dehydrated. I spent the next couple of weeks doctoring a cut she had on her leg, and keeping her out of the two feet of snow. After that, she was my buddy, coming by every day for a warm bed and food. I found that she had a particular love for peanut butter crackers, of all things...hence the name.

When the Camp I live at started to catch the cats in traps, I panicked-and did everything I could to keep her out of sight of those that wanted to catch her. I was fortunate enough to be able to contact NOWZAD and arrange a pick up."

Nowzad raised enough money to help fly Crackers to the US to her soldier. After months of fundraising and preparation, they got Crackers a ticket to her forever home.

"She meows constantly. I always laugh at how torties do that," Smith added.

Crackers the tortie cat strayed into the heart of a soldier in Afghanistan

He couldn't part with her. With help from Nowzad, Crackers is now at her forever loving home in the US.

Photos by Nowzad, a non profit charity organization that makes a difference to the lives of animals in Afghanistan. Follow them on Facebook.

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