Two Little Rascals: Birdie and Mulligan

Two Little Rascals: Birdie and Mulligan


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Kat brought home two lovely kittens after she lost her beloved cat a few weeks before. They are called Birdie and Mulligan. "These two little additions... are about as sweet and cuddly as can be," said Kat.

Birdie and Mulligan love to hang out in the bathroom. They love to explore the bath tub and chill on the porcelain throne. Sometimes they spend hours trying to figure out how the bath tub works and what the drain hole is for. They will play with whatever is available such as a drain stopper in a bath tub, the window screen which seems so fun to climb on and each other's tail.

Mulligan loves to get into things whether it is a pot or a cardboard box. Birdie on the other hand likes to lie on whatever feels comfortable. When mommy is on the computer, they will go and offer her some help or advice.

When it comes to nap time, they are always curled up on a chair together.

Photos courtesy of Kat Stan (check out her link for more photos of Birdie & Mulligan).

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