What They Get When They Let Their Dog 'Raise' the Kitty...


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Ever since their Tamaskan dog picked his feline buddy from a shelter, the two have been joined at the hip. There's rarely a moment that they aren't cuddling.


Raven the dog went with her owners to the shelter to look at kittens. When she met Woodhouse, it was love at first sight and the next thing they knew Raven was all over her owners, begging to get that kitten, so they did.

The first thing Woodhouse learned from Raven was cuddles and more cuddles. Now even riding in a car, cuddling must go on. Raven is never far from Woodhouse, watching over him, teaching him skills, and rewarding him with more cuddles.

On a nine hour trip heading home, Woodhouse the kitty and Raven the dog continued their snuggle fest and it never ended.

More info on reddit. Thanks to @jumperposse for sharing this lovely story with Love Meow!

Getting ready for a road trip!


Raven put her arm around her kitty during the 9 hour long journey.


She is very protective of him.


She taught Woodhouse that napping in the car could be enjoyable.


Sometimes Woodhouse would offer his human a cuddle during the trip just like how Raven does to him.


Home sweet home, but the cuddles must continue...


Raven knew this little tabby kitty needed someone when they met at the shelter, and she wanted to help... Now they will always have each other!


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