White Fur Baby

White Fur Baby


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Mao (it means cat in Mandarin) was found wandering on the street by his dad a year ago. He was a scrawny little white kitten with 2 black quotes on his forehead. When he was brought into his new home, he explored around and felt comfortable right away.

It was love at first sight for Mao's dad and he promised the little one that his new family would take care of him. In fact he was so proud of Mao that he decided to take photos of him throughout the year to document his growth.

"He grew so fast during his teenage time. He is still very playful and sometimes he can be quite naughty, but he has brought so much joy and fun into the household that there is nothing but love for him."

Mao has grown into a beautiful cat, but he keeps his kitten side with him at all time.

Photos courtesy of ©Z.

Mao's first year:


Two months later:

A few weeks later:

A big boy now:

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