Wink the Loving, Cuddly Foster Kitten

Wink the Loving, Cuddly Foster Kitten


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A little foster kitten named Periwinkle or Wink for short came to her foster home back in 2008 after being rescued by her rescue group, Independent Animal Rescue in Durham North Carolina. "She's a fabulous little girl, very playful, loves to cuddle, and she does quite an impressive purr," said Kelli Gaskill, Wink's foster mom.

Wink came to her foster home with Casey the tuxedo kitten. She met Kelli's kitty Neville, a big fluffy cat who quickly bonded with Wink. Neville was a very good big brother. Not only did he never hiss or growl at his little kitten friend, throughout the entire time, they only swatted one time and later it was nothing but love and affection.

Wink loved to follow Neville like a little magnet. Wherever he went, she tagged along. They loved to spend time together, washing each other and napping together. "She was grooming him, laying on his head and licking his ears. It was pretty cute."

With a lot of help from the shelter and Kelli, Wink finally found a forever loving home. If you are interested in adopting a kitty from the shelter, you can visit their website here.

Photos courtesy of Kelli Gaskill (flickr: KelliAmanda)

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