Wizzy the Feisty, Playful Cat

Wizzy the Feisty, Playful Cat


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A 4 week-old kitten found Eric Hacke when his friend Emma told him about the little puffball that needed a home. Emma sent him two photos of the kitten.

"Of course asking for photos of a kitten is slightly pointless. The kitten is going to be cute. They are genetically predisposed to being cute," said Eric. "So I said 'Yes! Yes! A millions times yes!' and organized a time and place to pick up the kitten."

Eric wanted a name that was original and unique for his new fur baby. "I was thinking something like Spork, or Wobbles, or Crash, or Wysiwyg (Wizzy for short)." Eventually he went with Wizzy.

When Wizzy came to Eric's house, she fit right in. She was litter trained, and eating wet food and kitten milk. She slept a fair amount, but was starting to play, jumping around and practicing her pounces.

As Wizzy grew bigger and stronger, she found her daddy's hand a great wrestling buddy. "She constantly tries to get on top of whatever it is I'm doing. She nibbles on my hand when I'm playing video games and sits on my book when I'm trying to read."

"It's particularly surprising when a furry bundle of teeth and claws attaches itself to your hand while you're asleep. Now I have to sleep with both of my hands hidden under the covers."

Wizzy loves to sit on things. "If my Macbook is on the table, she'll sit on it. If I have a shirt out on my bed, she'll sit on it. If I leave my pants on the floor, she'll sit in them. Any boxes left anywhere, definite sitting material."

"When you add to that his propensity for pushing anything left on a horizontal surface to the floor (glasses, cups, cutlery, keys, change, etc), she's forced me to be a much cleaner person. Cause if I leave anything out she'll either push to the floor and break it, or she'll sit on it."

"Every time I go to the bathroom she'll follow me in and jump up on the sink next to the toilet. Then she either plays with the tap, pushes my toothpaste off the sink, or pretends to stalk me from within the sink. She's a special kind of kitty."

Story/Photos courtesy of Eric Hacke. Visit Eric's blog here.

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