Woman Surprises Rescuers When She Offers to Foster 14 Orphaned Kittens Saved from Yard...


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A woman surprised rescuers when she offered to foster 14 orphaned kittens who were in need of a lot of help, love and TLC.

It saved their lives!

Richmond Animal Care and Control

When rescuers of Richmond Animal Care and Control went to pick up kittens left behind in a yard, they were shocked to find 14 tiny fur babies hiding in the bushes.

"We rescued them from the yard of a condemned home. We believe there are at least three litters that we can group together by size," Richmond Animal Care and Control told Love Meow.

With 14 new bottle kittens at RACC, they were worried about where they would find space for them in the shelter. Then they got a big surprise from a veterinarian at Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center (VESC).

Richmond Animal Care and Control

"We delivered all the kittens to VESC to stabilize the ones we could save and Dr. Megan Allred surprised all of us. She offered to foster ALL of them for the week. All 14 of them," the rescue group said.

"It was like a sea of kittens on the exam table."

Richmond Animal Care and Control

It wasn't the first time that Dr. Allred offered to foster kittens for RACC. Knowing how critical the first week would be for the kittens' survival, she couldn't let the babies leave without foster care, so she volunteered to take on the task.

Now Dr. Allred has her arms full, feeding 14 kittens and caring for them around the clock. With her help, all the babies are now thriving.

"They are doing great-all being treated and loved," RACC told Love Meow. "Thanks to her generosity, we will be able to make room in the shelter and find other fosters."

Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center

Fostering saves lives! Share this story with your friends. If you would like to become a foster parent (in Richmond, Virginia), click here for more info. Follow Richmond Animal Care and Control on Facebook.

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