Rescue Kitten Begs to Care for Tinier Foster Babies, Gets Her Wish

Rescue Kitten Begs to Care for Tinier Foster Babies, Gets Her Wish


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A little rescue kitten who hops and walks like a mini kangaroo, is now caring for tinier rescue babies in need.

Meet Roo Russ!

"It is really interesting because Roo relates to them in a way I wasn't expecting," Marnie Russ told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

Roo was significantly smaller than her siblings when she came to the shelter. Soon they realized that she had a different walk. Roo was born without elbow joints and had learned to rely on her hind legs to hop and walk.

Marnie of National Kitten Coalition fell in love with this little bundle of joy and gave her a loving home, but little Roo didn't cease to amaze her.

It all began when Roo met her very first foster kitten at her forever home.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

Marnie regularly brings home orphan kittens that need around the clock care.

"I notice a few weeks ago that she was cleaning the healthy kittens and nurturing them," Marnie told Love Meow. "Usually, older kitties don't want anything to do with the neonates, but Roo is desperate to be with them."

Roo offers to help every time Marnie feeds the babies. When the kittens arrive in a crate, Roo insists to go inside to snuggle with them.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

"If I go in to feed them, she is always on my heels. I would like to think that Roo recognizes the need in them that she had when she was rescued."

When Roo is with the foster babies, it makes her very happy.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

"She doesn't fit into any stereotype I have with the kittens that have come through my door.

"I have never seen her hiss - nothing seems to scare her and she has yet to meet anyone or anything she doesn't like," Marnie told Love Meow.

Roo begging to kittensit her fur babies. It's impossible to say no.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

The orphan babies love their big sister from another mother.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

She is very nurturing to her fosters and keeps them clean at all times.

Roo giving one of the kittens a bath.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

She keeps an eye on her fosters while they play.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

"Since I have gotten her, she has been around at least a doze fosters... I have a feeling she will be helping with my foster babies for years to come," Marnie said.

Roo is showing her kittens the same love that she received when she was rescued.

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

Roo stops a foster baby from wandering off too far.

Roo makes sure the baby stays close to her and teaches the dog how to play.


Cuddling with one of her foster babies!

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

She's a love bug!

Courtesy: Little Roo Russ

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Read Roo's rescue story here.

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