102-Year-Old Woman Fell In Love With A Shelter Cat


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A 102-year-old woman found her a little companion, a 2-year-old shelter cat, when she held him in her arms for a photo.

"It just filled my heart," Barbara Bates, the adoption coordinator of Montgomery County Animal Shelter said. "The kitty just snuggled right up to her. Matched her outfit she had on." (Huffington Post)

"I said, 'Iona, do you mind if I take your picture? And she said, 'Honey, I sure hope I don't break your camera.'"

Iona recently lost her cat that she had had for 10 years. Her son took her to the shelter last week. "I needed a companion," she said.

When she cuddled with Edward, she was smitten.

"The way he cuddled upon my shoulder reminded me of the cat I'd just lost," she said. "Oh my, he's very happy."

Iona's son promised to take care of Edward and he would remain a member of the family should anything happen to his mother.

"My photo tells me Edward immediately sensed that Iona had lots of love and security to offer him," Bates added.

"To me, an animal gives you life, that a person can't, or material things can't," Bates said. "You come home from a stressful day, and they want to kiss on you. It just makes everything bad go away. So it just touched my heart. And I’m just glad that what I felt came out in the photo."

Iona, a spry 102-year-old, found her a great companion, Edward the shelter cat. She fell in love when she held him in her arms for a picture. "The way he cuddled upon my shoulder reminded me of the cat I'd just lost."

Source: Huffington Post. Photo by Barbara Bates of Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

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