5 Fuzzy Little Fosters

5 Fuzzy Little Fosters


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A rescue pregnant mother cat had a litter of five kittens, three tabbies and two black kitties. The shelter was over capacity and was in need of a foster home for the furry family. Chel learned about their story on Facebook, knowing if no one would take the kitties, the shelter might not be able to keep them, she offered help right away. "I am not part of the rescue group...  (but) I have an all season runroom we hardly use, with a comfy couch and tons of sunbeams that is cat heaven, so I offered to keep (the mother cat). When (the kittens) are old enough they will be spayed/neutered and probably go to PetSmart," says Chel.

"Their journey with me is about to an end. As they are getting older and really showing their own individuality it gets harder to say goodbye. They go in the morning for their spaying and later this week to Petsmart or Pet Food Center for adoption," Chel adds.

It's bittersweet for foster parents to say goodbye to their kitties, but by letting them go they can help more kitties to adapt to new homes.

Photos courtesy of ©Chel (flickr: peashells). They are located in Owensboro, Kentucky.

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