A Little Fuzzball's Second Chance

A Little Fuzzball's Second Chance


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A tiny little baby kitten was found near a shed in a family garden when she was only one week old. Mako-Mako, the owner of several furry animals, took in the little orphan kitten. "It's been around 5 months since the earthquake in Japan. I have seen many things in this period - animals that were separated from their owners..." said Mako on his blog. Mako would not let this tabby be left behind. Though he had never hand reared a kitten before, he was determined to raise the little kitty and give her the love she deserves.

In just a day, Mako's house cats have adopted the little new comer. His Chihuahua is excited about having a new friend. Mako feeds the little tabby round the clock, and she is growing leaps and bounds.

Thanks ©Mako-mako (blog and youtube) for giving the little one a forever loving home. Here, kitty is playing with his first feather toy (more pics):

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