A Man Takes a Chance on a Hissy Shelter Kitty, After a Few Pets, Everything Changes..

A Man Takes a Chance on a Hissy Shelter Kitty, After a Few Pets, Everything Changes..


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A couple met a hissy, growly shelter cat who didn't seem to want to be touched, but the guy took a chance on the little skittish kitten. After a few pets, everything changed...

Photo by potatodavid

David shares the story with Love Meow: "We saw him on the Humane society website. He looked kinda cute so we wanted to see him.

When we got in there, the 3-4 other people/couples were a little nervous of him because he hisses and growled. Not gonna lie, the lady and I were both like. Oh boy, a very social little guy.

I just decided to go for broke and picked the little gray guy up (physically see if he'd let me do that). He started purring after a couple pets so we brought him into an isolation room. He purred and got belly rubs from myself and my girlfriend.

He was noticeably skittish and didn't want to play but definitely enjoyed the belly rubs. My girlfriend said, I really like him, and she'd be willing to try him out and give him a good home, about that time was when we got the photo op. He climbed up and left a boat load of his gray furs in my beard."

More info: reddit.

"I think I was adopted," he said.

Photo by potatodavid

"We brought him home next day and yeah... now he watched the Wild hockey games on my lap, and has been a really great cat, his orneriness is evident every single day with his hissing, but he is entirely bark and no bite.

10/10 would adopt Albus again."

Photo by potatodavid

Albus demanding cuddles!

Photo by potatodavid

His favorite spot in the house!

Photo by potatodavid

Sometimes all it takes is a few pets... Share this story with your friends and help a shelter cat in your area find their forever home!

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