A Year Ago Today They Found a Tiny Kitten in a Rabbit Hole...


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A year ago today, this little kitten was found in a rabbit hole who had been crying for a while. A couple good Samaritans went on a mission to get the kitten out to safety.

With a lot of patience and coaxing, the kitten was finally rescued!

Meet Seamus! Warming up after her first bath!


"My roommate Jaime took the poor little fuzz-ball outside in the sun to help warm her up after her first bath and flea-removal," imgur user chewypopcorn shares the story.

"Strangely enough, despite being sick, tired, with a belly full of worms, she still knew how to use her personal makeshift litterbox without problems. "


Seamus started to get stronger after a few days living in her new home. Her ears perked up and eyes brightened. As soon as she met Sausage their house cat, she was smitten and would follow him like glue.

At first, "Sausage seemed to take forever to warm up to the kitten, seeming to be in a constant state of 'grumble and hiss'"


But after a lot of trying and sticking around, the kitten started to grow on him. "I'll hand it to the kitten, she is very persistent. She'd wear anyone down."

More info: reddit

The moment Sausage officially accepted his new furiend.


Seamus' purrsonlity began to come out and shine!


Watching her cat TV with her little plastic cone after having been spayed.


"She's so incredibly soft and fluffy, loves to cuddle, loves to fight and bite, is an expert hunter and still annoys Sausage to no end." But they wouldn't trade her for the world.

Seamus today!


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