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A Young Woman Found a Stray Kitten, Or Rather the Kitten Chose Her


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A young woman found a kitten... or rather the kitten chose her.

"I was getting out of my car at a friend's house for an appointment when I heard the loudest meow I'd ever heard from behind me. There was this tiny bundle of fuzz dashing at me at full speed," she said via reddit.

"When I knelt down, she jumped onto my knees, purring and headbutting me."

Taco the Cat

The young lady took the kitten to the local vet ER at midnight trying to see if the kitten belonged to anyone. " They kept her there for a couple days to try to get ahold of the owners and then sent her to the county shelter. Her chip wasn't registered, but it did have a vet's office linked to it through which they did eventually find her owners," she said.

Taco the Cat

While the kitten was at the shelter, they got in touch with the family and found out her name and age.

"But they never came for her." The young woman knew there was one thing she had to do.

"Finally, she was available for adoption! I waited on pins and needles for her last evaluation to be finished."

Taco the Cat

She headed over to the shelter as soon as she got their call. "30 minutes later, I was in a room with her, waiting for an adoption counselor," she said.

Taco the Cat

The kitten got a new name, Taco, and she was on her way to her new home!

Taco the Cat

A week ago, this kitten ran up to a young woman and jumped onto her knees. Now she can jump on her lap and snuggle in for naps for the rest of her life.

"It's been a pretty crazy week... I'm happy to say she's part of our family now."

Taco the Cat

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