After 5 Weeks Of Fostering, He Couldn't Let Kitty Go...


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"Fostered for 5 weeks, returned to adoption center, cried myself home, and drove back to adopt him. Meet Gin!" kitty's dad wrote via reddit.

He found Gin when he was looking to foster kittens. "I heard about a rescue organization in vet school and checked them out on Facebook. The kitten population explodes around this time in Australia and a lot would be put down if not taken for temporary fostering... so, since I had more than enough resources to accommodate him and his 3 brothers I took them in."

But when it was time to return the kitty to the shelter, it became very difficult for him to part with Gin. He went back and adopted him.

Meet Gin, who came to his foster home looking to be loved.

He was given a flea bath. Finally flea free!

He fell asleep in his bed, curled up into a ball.

"Take me with you!" Gin became very close to his foster dad.

"I help you with your work!"

"Your bed is mine now."

When it was time to return Gin to the shelter, it became extremely difficult. "(I) cried myself home, and drove back to adopt him."

"You are my forever human now."

Photos via imgur.

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