Baby the Lovely Calico Kitty

Baby the Lovely Calico Kitty


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Baby came to her new home when she was one year old. Though she was all grown up, she never quite lost her playful kitten side. Her dad Robert loves to capture all her wonderful moments in photographs. Baby is never shy of the camera or anybody. She poses very comfortably when her dad is snapping shots around her, and she just goes about doing her own things.

Baby is just like her name, the fur baby in her family. She is very spoiled and always gets what she wants. It seems like sometimes Baby knows how to train her dad to do things for her. When she wants treats, she gets in front of Robert and gives him that irresistible look and a few heart-melting silent meows that always help her get away with anything. It's hard to say no to that adorable face. Robert gives in every time.

Baby loves to snuggle in the same bed with her family. When the weather gets colder, she will crawl under the cover to  stay warm and cozy.

Photos courtesy of ©Robert Wang.

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