Basil, Little Foster and Her Story

Basil, Little Foster and Her Story


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Jean rescued a very pregnant stray cat named Moonshine at 4a.m. one day shortly after she found another pregnant stray named Vidalia. "Her fur glistened in the moonlight, hence the name."

Moonshine gave birth to four tiny little babies. One of them was named Basil.

"She is such a precious little girl. Basil was cautiously confident when she was a kitten. She would watch and learn from others rather than plowing blindly into things herself."

"Basil loved her cord mice, and she would happily join in the scampering and play with the other nine kittens in the house."

Basil went to her forever home with her sister, Bijou. "The adoptive couple had their kids home from college for the holidays when they took the kittens home, and I was told that both Basil and Bijou barely even touched the ground for weeks, basking in all the loving attention and warm laps that abounded."

"Her new owner reports that Basil has grown into a solidly built, content, confident, beautiful young lady who knows a good lap when she sees one."

Photos courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties).

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