Beautiful Odd Eyed Cat Bubu

Beautiful Odd Eyed Cat Bubu


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Bubu is a very special cat who was one of the two survivors in his litter of five. He and his sister were adopted to a family that eventually coudln't keep him because of the landlord's objection. He was then abandoned, but luckily a kind person named Vera found him and brought him home.

Initially Vera and her friend Jojo were trying to foster him and find him a home later, but when they did find him a home, it was soon proven to be unfit. The new family wasn't able to keep him safe, so Vera took him back to her place and he was there to stay for good.

Even after so many difficult times, Bubu has never lost trust in humans and always loves to be with people according to Jojo.

Photos courtesy of ©Vera (flickr: Veraecho) and story courtesy of Jojo.

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