Bibbie and Bow Bow, 2 Ginger Brothers

Bibbie and Bow Bow, 2 Ginger Brothers


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Written by ©Arfi Binsted (of HomeMadeS)

We adopted Bibbie and BowBow from a neighbour who left to Australia. My children picked them from the lot two years ago. They have very different personalities alright. BowBow is more a homey cat while Bibbie is more adventurous.

BowBow only travels to my mother-in-law's place which is only cross the road. He always comes back, checking everyone and everything in the spot. The funny thing about him is that he behaves like a dog. He follows us whenever we go to the shed up the road, about 800 meters away from our front gate. He's very quick and slimmer than Bibbie. He can jump high to catch birds or flying insects.

Both of them hunt. They love catching birds, moths, or other flying insects. They climb up trees and roofs. It is not surprised if we found dead rats or birds somewhere in the garden or sheds, I just think they have done good job. They don't eat rats or birds, but tend to leave them like that.

Both of them are two years old this year. We're not quite sure when their birth days are, but it was sometime in May. I remember that they were born just a month before our neighbour's grandson was born in June. So we always celebrate their birthday in May.

Photos courtesy of ©Arfi Binsted.

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