Blind Kitty Gained Sight in One Eye and a Human Sister for Life!


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A kitty found blind has gained sight in one eye and a human sister for life. Teto came to the family when she was a kitten, barely able to see. The family's daughter took to the little tabby cat and the two instantly bonded. Over time, Teto started to heal and slowly she began to see...

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It was the end of September, 2010, when Teto the tabby girl was rescued by a kind family in Japan. When they picked up the kitten, she was sickly and blind, but the little kitty had so much will to live.

"When she was picked up, she did not have eyesight," the family wrote. "However, she has regained sight in one eye miraculously."

Teto and their daughter Chibi have built an inseparable bond. They are like two peas in a pod!

When their daughter plays video games, Teto snuggles up to her as her leg warmer.

Teto is now 5 and Chibi 8. They are best friends for life!

Watch these two buddies play tag!

Watch video: I love how the bell rang and they both ran towards the door :).

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