Bo the Cat, Sweet like Honey

Bo the Cat, Sweet like Honey


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Written by Giane Portal.

On February, 2006, when I was going to work, I saw a very thin cat meowing and crying for help. I followed her and discovered two sweet babies with her!

In the same moment I decided to rescue the whole family, they were in the garden of a school and I was afraid what might happen to them. I went home, got wet food, and a trap... and tried to rescue them all. The two kitties were very easy, but the mommy* was impossible. She didn't enter the trap and went to a place that I couldn't reach. So I took the babies to the vet, they should be about two months old, very cute, and should be easily adopted. I named them Bo and Shun (see Shun).

They lived in my bathroom for about one month to slowly adjust to other cats in my home. A wonderful person wanted to adopt them, but I just couldn't let them go. They had bonded with all the cats in the house and they had stolen my heart.

Bo has always had the same personality, since she was a little girl: very calm, although very active, sweet. She's not always asking to be petted, just sometimes, like Toji. She doesn't fear anything at all. She loves to eat and always begs for food. It is difficult to dine near her because she will be all over me, trying to get the food off my plate. She is loved by so many cats in the family. Bo and Toji has a very strong bond. She just has the charm about her. Goku cares for her so much that it gets Chihiro, Goku's buddy, very jealous sometimes.

Bo has the color of honey, and she is sweet like honey. She is my baby Bo.

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal (flickr: fofurasfelinas)

*Giane returned to the mama cat in hopes of rescuing her. She discovered that the mama cat had found a family who provided her food and shelter.

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