Bunny the Tuxedo Energizer Kitty

Bunny the Tuxedo Energizer Kitty


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Bunny, an energetic little tuxedo girl found her dad Robert when she was almost 2 months old. She was quite a hyper little girl who had boundless playfulness and endless energy. When she was awake, she was wild. Her appetite was so big that she could eat a lot.

One of Bunny's favorite activities is to take a walk outside in the back yard. The yard is small, but Bunny always enjoys it to the fullest. She is very curious about the little critters she discovers there especially tiny little ants. They just seem to be so strange to her that she must investigate every time she spots one.

When Robert introduced a new kitty, named Happy to Bunny, she became friendly right away, but maybe a little too friendly and too playful for Happy who was still trying to explore her new home. In no time, the two kitties bonded like two peas in a pod. Bunny likes to offer grooming sessions and Happy always gladly accepts them. It's amazing to see how close they are even though they aren't from the same litter.

Photos courtesy of ©Robert Parviainen (flickr: robbie).

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