calico cat adopts 4 chicks

Calico Kitty Becomes Mama to 4 Tiny Chicks


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Normally when cats spot a bird, they'd have a pretty different motive than this calico cat, Elsa.

Elsa the cat has adopted 4 chicks and they are her babies.

Courtesy of Ingela Ljung

"I have a hatching machine, and the eggs started cracking on Tuesday and Elsa were very interested in this process," Ingela Ljung from Sweden told Love Meow.

"Wednesday morning I let her smell the first born chick, and she decided that it was here to stay so she took it to the sofa and started caring for it. I gave her the second one also. Then in the evening there were two more babies, so now she ended up with 4 babies."

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Courtesy of Ingela Ljung

The chicks nuzzle into her fur. Elsa is very gentle and caring with them.

Courtesy of Ingela Ljung

Mama Elsa giving her babies a bath.

Courtesy of Ingela Ljung

Watch more Elsa and her babies in these cute videos:

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