Canon the Kitten, Love at First Sight

Canon the Kitten, Love at First Sight


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Canon a three month old kitten found his mommy at an animal shelter in Boca Raton, Florida. It was love at first sight.

After a lot of research online and offline, Julie Thompson found a rescue group named Alleys to Eden. And on Memorial Day, she went with her boyfriend, Jonathan to check out all the kitties they had at the shelter.

"After hours of searching, Canon came out from behind the couch. We fell in love instantly! He was so sweet, smart, playful and loving that we had to take him home that day!"

"He is the most fun loving cat ever. He can be so hyper at one moment, and then he'll let you hold him and cuddle him the next moment! He doesn't hide, he's always seeking attention, he's very curious and connective with strangers. Between chasing his shadow, his tail and attacking his own feet, he's an adorable little kitten! On top of that he is a cuddler. At night he curls up at my neck and sleeps the night away."

Photos courtesy of ©Julie Thompson. Check out Julie's photography site here.

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