Cassie and Callie, 2 Rescues Found New Home

Cassie and Callie, 2 Rescues Found New Home


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Written by ©Keith Kissel (flickr: kakissel)

A friend of mine responded to a craigslist ad about a litter full of kittens about to be put down at a high kill shelter a couple of towns over from us. She took in the entire litter and put out the call looking for people to take them in. My wife and I would have taken one or two, but we have 2 adult cats right now, so I put my friend in touch with my mother-in-law, Terri, who has been cat-less for about a year since their last one, Angel, passed away and has been thinking about getting kittens for a while.

Cassie and Callie are actually both from different parents but ended up in the same litter. All we know about their history is that Calypso (the calico) and her sister were found abandoned somewhere and nursed by Cassie's mom at the shelter. Callie seems to be a couple weeks older. They are both healthy and super friendly. Cassie is turning out to be a loud one. She follows Terri around incessantly and turns the meow up to 11.

They are around 3 months old and are having the time of their life.

Photos courtesy of ©Keith Kissel (flickr: kakissel)

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